5 Ways to Foster the Patient Relationship

Check out our webinar featuring dental expert Kevin Henry in an interview with Drew Sparks, Co-Founder and CEO of Swell CX, on ways to foster your relationship with your patients. Learn how to quickly and accurately measure success, including how to use Net Promoter Scores and customer satisfaction surveys. Plus Drew and Kevin discuss how you can use this information to help grow your online reputation.

With 16 years in the dental publishing industry, Kevin Henry is the former group editorial director for Dental Products Report and managing editor for Dental Economics. He was recently named as one of the top five influential voices in the industry on Twitter (@kgh23).

Drew Sparks is the Co-Founder and CEO of Swell CX. He leads their business development efforts, and has a strong focus on helping healthcare providers better understand their patients’ needs.

Drew’s educational background is in mechanical engineering, but has always been an entrepreneur at heart. Before founding Swell CX, Drew was a part of the founding team of a healthcare startup aimed at helping independent pharmacy owners maximize their revenue potential. This is where he recognized the disconnect between providers and patients and the concept of Swell CX was born.

In his time with Swell CX, Drew has become an industry expert when it come to understanding the patient experience and developing the patient-provider relationship.


Watch the webinar here.

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