Animal Health Workers Need a Break! and Other Data Insights from Sikka

Insightful” Newsletter #3, June 2021

Will veterinarians get a summer break this year? Owing to the explosive growth in pet ownership starting during the initial lockdowns over a year ago, many practices have been feeling the pressure of significantly increased visits and production. This is readily apparent in this chart from our Industry Trends portal, which contains averages of practices across all 50 U.S. states.

With AAA estimating 37 million Americans traveling for Memorial Day weekend, veterinary visits may decline for the next two weeks. This could be a blessing in disguise, providing a much needed break for overworked veterinarians and their team members, who have been pushing to keep up with pet patient demand. We will continue to monitor the “summer shift” and report back after the July 4th holiday weekend. 

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Virginia Is for (Pet) Lovers

Zooming in to the individual state level, for the week ending May 23, 2021, Virginia led all states in veterinary production growth at 37% vs. the same week in 2020:

Although pet patient visits are relatively flat compared to last year, production levels have grown almost 20% over just the past few months. Diagnostics/lab, treatment, and dental are the leading categories in production growth, according to our Sikka Insights Industry Trends update on May 28th. Virginia pet parents are wisely spending based on the recommendations of their trusted veterinarians, to keep their fur babies healthy and happy!

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