State of Dental Practices in the United States

Sikka Software Corporation is a Practice Optimizer® platform company supporting over 25 applications that help optimize a practice. Sikka Apps and Partner Apps cover accounts receivable, insurance claims, fee optimization, patient communication, recall systems, digital lab connection and collaboration, real time practice benchmarking, financial services, consulting and more. With thousands of installations in US, and Canada, Sikka Software is a market leader for optimizing dental practice. The data used in this paper is from about 8,000 practice locations. The trends and information in these graphs and the accompanying table are for information purposes only and may not be fully reflective of the actual trends because of the size of the data set. The distribution of these practices is across the entire United States and not concentrated in a specific region or geography .

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Digital Dental Benchmarking Volume 2

By combining the capabilities of today's in-practice computer technology with an understanding of current practice management tools to uncover and highlight the key areas electronically where you can 'recover profitability' in your practice. Then all it takes is an emphasis on certain key aspects and a sharp focus on simple, proven strategies to deliver truly measurable results.

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    Digital Dental Benchmarking Volume 1

    This article speaks about how you can use some high technology and some not so high technology tools and techniques to help you uncover and recover profitability in your practice. For readers who wish to get other articles, please write to . In the past articles we have discussed four reclaims: Profitability, patients, control and peace of mind. We have also discussed fee optimization, patient demographics analysis, and patient reactivations. In this article we will see what the real time trends are telling us about the treatments we present, the recall effectiveness, the production per visit and production of dentists and hygienists. We will discuss how 2010 is showing some mixed signs in the last 3 months.

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    What do the Numbers Say? Volume 2

    Healthcare industry including dental and medical are slowest to get into a recession and slowest to get out of a recession. That is what we have been told. While we are in the middle of one of the greatest recessions in a century, what we can do to help our businesses, and reduce our stress levels is the focus of this article series. In this article we will start by sharing with you some basic facts based on national trends from over 5,700 practices that we are monitoring.


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