Firegang Case Study

Firegang offers tailored solutions for all different dental practices. Their comprehensive marketing solutions help dentists stabilize their practice, increase revenue, and scale their growth across multiple locations.

Recently, Firegang partnered with Sikka Software to deliver additional insight into the dental practices they serve. Sikka connects with over 96% of dental practice management systems on the market to help companies like Firegang find the key data they need to facilitate their businesses.

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Riccobene Associates Family & Specialty Dentistry Case Study

Riccobene Associates Family & Specialty Dentistry is a large group practice based out of North Carolina. They provide both general and specialty dental care including pediatrics and orthodontics. They currently use Sikka Software’s Practice Optimizer products.

Recently, they were in touch with our Customer Success team and shared with us the following example of how Practice Optimizer helped them make decisions and meet their goals.

A Critical Question

“As a matter of feedback and testimony to the value and, in particular, the unique data, we get from Sikka, I wanted to share a recent experience that illuminates this value. We have a relatively new associate dentist (fresh out of residency) who, after some months, was not producing at a level that was expected in one of our de novo practices. As a result, our CEO was including this dentist in the handful of contract terminations that he was developing in an effort to improve our overall patient care and revenue stream.”

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