Optimization & Automation for the Rapidly-Changing Veterinary Landscape

We’re busy, overbooked, stressed, mentally exhausted and – on top of it all – we’ve fallen behind on our practice management tasks. Instead of focusing on the obstacles we currently face in the veterinary industry, let’s shift the conversation towards strategies, solutions and new approaches that we can use to create a more sustainable work-life balance.

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We’re delighted to invite you to a discussion on cutting-edge best practices and tools for reclaiming invaluable “me time”! Join us for a webinar entitled “Optimization & Automation for the Rapidly-Changing Veterinary Landscape.”

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Smoking Gums – Using Oral Care Data To Identify Self-Reported Misinformation for Life Insurance

Continuing our insurtech webinar series, I’m delighted to invite you to a discussion about cutting-edge topics in life insurance entitled “Smoking Gums – Using Oral Care Data To Identify Self-Reported Misinformation for Life Insurance.”

Jeff Pickett (AVP, Growth Marketing at Sikka) will moderate this roundtable on addressing applicant misinformation. The panelists are Lewis Goldman (General Manager of Sikka Insights’ Insurance Business), Dan Brown (AVP, Chief Underwriter, Baltimore Life), Brian Lanzrath (Director of Analytics, ExamOne) and Nick Irwin (Director, Life Underwriting, Verisk).

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Leveraging Oral Care and Other Alternative Data To Improve Mortality Risk Assessment in Automated Underwriting

In this Webinar, you’ll learn from underwriting leaders at Swiss Re, SCOR, Ethos and Sikka about:

  • How alternative data sources can effectively assess risk without the need for a paramed exam
  • Customer expectations for automated underwriting through digital channels and the need for realtime data feeds
  • The high correlation between oral care and mortality, including using dental information to identify chronic conditions and tobacco use
  • Leveraging alternative data and realtime decisioning for higher Term coverage amounts to stem the decline in life insurance ownership
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    Using Data To Get the Most Out of Your 2021

    Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so supposedly we’re in for another six weeks of winter. While we at Sikka enjoy this yearly forecasting ritual as much as anyone, the best forecasting requires a lot more than a shadow. It takes hard data…and lots of it. Luckily for you, we’re specialists in data.

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    Please join us for a webinar entitled “Using Data To Get the Most Out of Your 2021”. Sikka experts Rory Byrne, GM of Fintech, and Venesa Lewis, Customer Success Manager, will be deep-diving into last year’s data within the retail healthcare industry to forecast and predict trends for what looks to be a promising 2021. Learn best practices and tools that utilize data from your own practice as well as nearby competitors and industry benchmarks.

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    Giving Patients What They Want in 2021

    Before COVID-19, a gradual shift in patient behavior toward an easier, digital experience was in progress. 69 percent of patients said they would switch doctors for a better, more convenient patient experience.

    As the pandemic progressed, that demand has significantly accelerated. How have patient preferences changed? How will you adjust in 2021?

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    Please join the webinar hosted by Jeff Pickett from Sikka, as dental industry brand experts Norm Schrager and Alyssa Graetz of PatientPop help you get ready for the new year with the latest data on patient trends so you can take the steps needed to attract and retain patients.

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    Hitting The Ground Running: 5 Simple Ways to Create and Own Your Brand in 2021

    It’s safe to say that 2020 was a year of learning and reactions for all of us. 2021 will no doubt be better based on what we’ve all experienced. But how can we be more intentional and take appropriate actions vs always being reactionary?

    Please join us for a webinar, hosted by Jeff Pickett from Sikka, as dental industry brand experts Danny Laneri from Swell and Dr. Chad Duplantis discuss 5 simple tactics to create, and ultimately own, your Brand for 2021 and beyond.

    Watch the webinar here.

    Danny Laneri:

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    Top 10 Factors Impacting Practice Valuation in 2021

    Please join us for a webinar “Top 10 Factors Impacting Practice Valuation in 2021”. Rory Byrne, Sikka’s General Manager of Fintech, will be speaking with industry experts Maria G. Melone, Managing Partner of MORR Dental Transitions, and Grady Wilson, Vice President of Development at Dental Care Alliance.

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    During this informative session, our panel will:

    • Update on healthcare industry production trends
    • Discuss top factors impacting practice valuation
    • Give recommendations on using automation to increase valuations
    • Suggest other ways to achieve growth objectives, thereby enhancing valuation

    Rory Byrne has over 20 years’ experience in enterprise software sales, payments strategy and business development, and leads Sikka’s Fintech business. Prior to joining Sikka, Rory was EVP of Business Development at Billtrust, where he was responsible for B2B payments strategy, strategic partnerships and M&A.

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    Delight Your Customers and Save Money – How Two Practices Are Winning with SikkaPay

    Please join our webinar hosted by Rory Byrne, GM of Fintech at Sikka, in conversation with Roy Reynolds, Business Manager of Nova Family Dentistry of Tyrone, and Edward Hartzog, GM of Denmark Dentistry. Our guest speakers will share their experiences of SikkaPay and how it has helped them to delight their customers, grow revenues, and save money during these challenging times. Learn how text2pay and web2pay have increased collections by over 15% over the last 6 months. In addition, we will demo some of the new product features of SikkaPay with personalized strategies for helping your customers to migrate to mobile payment channels and pay you faster.

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    4 Ways to Increase your Practice Revenue

    Please join our webinar “4 Ways to Increase your Practice Revenue” hosted by Rory Byrne, General Manager of Fintech at Sikka, in conversation with Vincent Cardillo, President & CEO of Maeva Dental Advisors, and Harold Gornbein, Partner of Apex Reimbursement.

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    We will uncover 4 areas of revenue optimization within your practice you may be overlooking.

    Vincent Cardillo is the founder and leader of Maeva Advisors, formerly Dental Management Innovations, LLC, a provider of outsourced C-Suite services to dental groups and aspiring groups, and to investment professionals looking to make an investment in a Dental Service Organization. Vincent is a proven industry leader with over 17 years of experience in leadership/partner roles in three dental practice management companies.

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    Guidance for Veterinary Practices through the COVID-19 Environment

    Please join us for our Part II of our series of webinars on the COVID-19 impact of the veterinary industry, hosted by Rory Byrne, General Manager of Fintech at Sikka, in conversation with Dr. Matthew Salois, Director of the AVMA’s Veterinary Economics Division.

    Watch the webinar.

    We will present the latest data on veterinary practices production and procedures as the crisis continues and help guide veterinary practices through these challenging times.

    Dr. Salois comes from the AVMA from Elanco Animal Health, where he served as director of global scientific affairs and policy since 2016, and as an economic research and policy adviser from 2014-16. Prior to joining Elanco, he worked as the chief economist for the Florida Department of Citrus and as an assistant professor in economics at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom.

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