Four Things You Need to Know about Practice Optimizer Orthodontics

Did you know that Sikka tracks key performance indicators (KPIs) for specialties within the dental industry? You can find many of these KPIs in the standard version of Practice Optimizer Premium, but Sikka has a special version of Practice Optimizer just for orthodontics. With Practice Optimizer Orthodontics, you can track important information about your business and, more importantly, how effectively orthodontic care is delivered throughout your practice.

Here are some ways that Practice Optimizer Orthodontics is customized:

  1. Track the KPIs most important to your orthodontics practice. KPIs include the number of Phase I and Phase II contracts, consultations, emergency appointments, patients with Invisalign and more. Ensure your patients are receiving the best care by tracking conversion rates from consultations to contracts. With these KPIs, you can see trends develop in your practice and compare performance of providers over time.


  1. Get ready for your day with the Morning Meeting Report. Some of our most successful customers gather their team each morning for a quick check-in. With the Morning Meeting Report, you can see how your practice is performing month-to-date and see what is upcoming for that day in your clinic.


  1. Contact patients to fill open time slots with Patients Now. Patients Now identifies specific patient groups, such as those who completed Phase I and not Phase II of treatment, and allows you to send an email or text right from the program. This reduces idle time and helps improve patient compliance with treatment plans.


  1. Grow your practice by setting goals. You’ll be able to check in on your progress and make sure you are on track to succeed. Sikka’s top-of-the-line Customer Success team will help you get started on your path to success.

You can sign up for Practice Optimizer Orthodontics by going to or by calling 800-94-SIKKA for a demo.



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