Optimize the Future with Sikka’s Practice Optimizer

Having the industry-leading optimization dashboard wasn’t enough for us – we went and made it better. When our customers asked for reporting in time increments shorter than monthly, we not only added weekly reporting, we went down to daily. This kind of granularity and visibility into the details of your practice’s rhythms allows you to make changes on the fly, not weeks or months later. This, in turn, directly leads to an increase in profits, savings on unnecessary costs and the overall ability to achieve all your objectives, from financial considerations to patient satisfaction.

Focus on the root of your business with Practice Optimizer. Explore your overall practice health with a click of a button! Sikka’s secure cloud refreshes your data daily, so you won’t ever miss a beat. Once set up, Practice Optimizer starts communicating with vital practice information and generating reports, so you can devote more time to what’s more important – your patients.

Your dental analytics dashboard is a specialized reporting tool, made specifically with dental practices in mind. It uses all your stored data to analyze your business and paints a bigger picture. Practice Optimizer gives you the ability to quickly investigate trends, discover insights, gather evidence and provide you with answers to the unknown. You don’t need to be a data scientist – Practice Optimizer will do all the necessary steps it takes to streamline and understand what levers you can pull to increase your practice’s performance.

Practice Management System

So how will your data be combined that easily? 

A well equipped dental dashboard will be able to pull data from your Practice Management System (PMS), instantaneously allowing you to preview pre-built dental metrics and configure them to fit your practice. You can filter combinations, set your favorite metrics and arrange your data in the order you want – one that aligns best with your business goals. 

Usability and Visual Representation

Will the data be presented in a user friendly manner and easy to understand? Will your team engage and adapt? 

We understand it may be frightening diving into the unknown, especially with data. Rest assured, Practice Optimizer takes complex data and interprets it in a way that is simple, with visuals that are easy to understand. Data will be presented in a clear and relevant manner in order to improve operations and grow your practice without any confusion.

Cloud-Based Software and Automation

Will it automatically pull data from your practice management system? Is it cloud-based and in realtime? 

Practice Optimizer is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection. Automation will help save time and improve efficiency without the confusing technical side, so you can view your insights in a simplified manner. What’s best about implementing automation into your day-to-day practice is that the data entry will be done for you! No more manually entering any data yourself, which gives you the freedom to focus on more important tasks.


Will it integrate with your practice management system and accounting software?

The most critical part when utilizing a dental dashboard is integration across other platforms that you are currently using at the moment. Practice Optimizer makes it a seamless transition, pulling all your practice data into one simple dashboard in order to make informed business decisions. Having your data in one place will optimize your daily tasks and streamline your operations – setting milestone goals each and every day. 

Scalability for Multiple Locations

Do you have multiple practice locations?

You may have multiple practices in different locations, but rest assured, Practice Optimizer can pull data from all other locations in one dashboard! You’ll be able to aggregate all your data in one place. Especially for DSOs, a dental dashboard where you can deep dive into multiple practices or individual practices can be a tremendous tool to increase top line revenue and EBITDA. 

Accessibility & Amount of Users

Will you be able to provide access to other users? Can you control what others can view? 

Multiple users will need access to your dental dashboard. Practice Optimizer gives you the ability to provide access to unlimited users…and you can control what they can see and do within the software. Master users are capable of setting viewing levers for anyone who has been given access. Reports can easily be shared safely and securely via email with anyone you wish.

Implementing a dental dashboard has countless benefits for your practice, team members and patients when optimizing old and time-consuming processes. Use the powder of big data and reach your full potential in the new year of 2021. Experience Practice Optimizer with a FREE demo here

To learn more about Practice Optimizer, visit https://www.sikkasoft.com/DentalPOEssentials.

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