Podcast: An Introduction to Our API

Welcome back to the Sikka Software podcast. Today’s episode is about why using Sikka’s API is beneficial. This podcast is primarily directed at businesses who are interested in becoming part of the Sikka Marketplace.  

The Sikka Marketplace currently supports more than fifty applications from a variety of different partners. Sikka Marketplace is enabled by our API, which allows partners to quickly and securely build apps for the retail healthcare market including dental, veterinary, orthodontics, oral surgery, chiropractic, audiology, and optometric markets.

Sikka Software spent several years building adapters that worked with Practice Management Systems used by the vast majority of practices in the retail healthcare market. Because of those efforts, Sikka Software today is able to connect to 96% of practices in retail healthcare. That 96% is a number that we’re very proud of here because no one else offers this extensive connectivity.

Sikka uses the data we collect from these practices in our own applications. We help providers become better business people by giving them access to analytics based on the massive amount of data that is stored in our Cloud.

Vendors will also have access to data on consent basis and can use this for a variety of different purposes. For example, two of our current partners are BirdEye and Financial Health. BirdEye allows practice to keep track of online presence and keep track of patient reviews. Financial Health allows patients to collect overdue balances. Though both companies have entirely separate purposes, their goals are both enabled by Sikka’s data.

We sell our API based on what kind of information our partners need. For example, we’ll give companies like Financial Health data on patients who owe money to the practice. Financial Health won’t receive any unrelated data like patient treatment plans. All data access is consent-driven.

Being part of the Sikka Marketplace with a few different benefits and perks beyond our API. When partners choose to work with Sikka Software, they receive access to a support portal and direct access to our technical teams in case any questions arise.

Additionally, your product will benefit from the practices who already make up the demand side of the Sikka Marketplace. The thousands of practices who have already downloaded an app from the Marketplace have developed a level of trust and familiarity with the Sikka brand. Becoming a partner gives vendors access to a customer base that we have spent years developing.

This has been a Sikka Software podcast, thanks for listening. If you have any questions or comments, please send us an email at podcast@sikkasoft.com. Until next time.

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