Presents Insightful Newsletter #4: New, Free State Rankings

Insightful” Newsletter #4, July 2021

In honor of the United States’ Independence Day, we have added rankings for all 50 states based on average scores from our proprietary Sikka Success Report™ to the Industry Trends page of our website. What’s more, we have them for both the dental and animal health industries!

Show Me the Rankings

While Vermont leads the way in the dental realm…

…Delaware is top dog in animal health (very punny, we know):

In fact, with Delaware ranking 3rd in dentistry, too, it’s clearly the most successful state across the two leading retail healthcare verticals over the past month.

Maybe it’s something in the Delaware Water (Gap). Or maybe hardworking practice owners and employees are still riding the wave of enthusiasm from local boy Joe Biden’s ascension to the presidency less than six months ago. 🤔

Whatever the reason, congrats, Delaware! The rankings are updated every Tuesday, so check back to see which state seizes the mantle next. 

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