Presents Insightful Newsletter #5: Growth Spikes After Holiday Break

Insightful” Newsletter #5, August 2021

In the last Veterinary Insights, we were tracking Memorial Day Holiday travel and wondering if Veterinary practices were going to get a summer break. The 4th of July Holiday certainly did not slow down travel, with 47.7 million Americans traveling over the holiday. Similarly, we saw a decline in the number of patient visits and production – which was immediately followed by a sharp spike in production. The week of July 18th saw the 2nd highest production week in 2021.

Are you measuring production growth vs 2020 (during the peak of COVID)? Perhaps a new approach is to compare to 2019, to balance out a more normalized year. In our Sikka Industry Trends data, we see that production growth, tracked weekly, is trending very similar to 2019 – with growth over 2019. How does your production data look? Not sure? We can help!

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