Why We Won the Best in Healthcare APIs at API World

Wow! Our API was again judged the best in Healthcare by the folks at API World. For the second time in the last 3 years. And, our company also made it into the top 300 innovators – across all categories. It did take a moment for that to sink in. The first time, perhaps a lucky strike. But that’s twice now. There’s no lobbying for those awards, and they had fancy criteria to go by when judging the winner. Clearly, we did well on them.

To us, however, it comes down to just one thing. We let you – our API partners – scale. We understand what you mean when you say, I want to serve all dentists, veterinarians, optometrists, audiologists, oral and orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons and I don’t want to be limited by the software they use to manage their hospital/practice and record the patient’s medical records. Without us, you would need to connect individually to the different software platforms used by each of the retail healthcare providers. It would be like learning 12 languages that are continuously changing. Actually, about 500 languages. You’d have to speak the language of each individual practice management software in the market. We cut it down to one. That’s what the One in Sikka One API is for. Your code for One API and you open yourself to a vast expanse of the market.

It’s a platform, not a pedestal. You will find we address your need for speed, security and patient privacy in everything we do.

We grow your reach to the very real world of 35,000 practices spanning 6 verticals and over 120 million patients, in near real-time, all the time. Whether it is processing a payment, keeping abreast of appointments getting scheduled and canceled, or of prescriptions written out, you’d rather know about it the moment it happens, so that you can deliver on your end of the promise immediately.

We designed our API with the goal that any new API partner can learn our API, integrate it into their service and sign up their first practice within seven days of signing up. That’s why we have a highly visual API learning and testing tool – try out any of our endpoints by pressing buttons and view actual results instantly in the pane below. You want to see sample code in R, sure; in Scala, sure; in Java… You want to simulate with a dummy practice and dummy data, knock yourself out. You want to see the subtle variations in the responses by specific practice management software, sure. You want a quick start guide, it’s there for you. Our API is fully documented, and you need not first sign up as a customer or partner to start learning how to use it. Here is the URL – https://apidocs.sikkasoft.com.

Speed does not compromise security or privacy. We extend the same measures we take to protect the privacy of human patients, who are covered by strict HIPAA laws, to all the verticals we serve, even when HIPAA does not apply to them. Registration is quick, and if the practice already happens to be a customer of Sikka or of another service on our platform, we already have them set to go – registration is effectively a flip of the switch to authorize your app.

How can you scale to support thousands of practices on your app, without hiring an army of support staff? With our health check endpoint. It lets you populate your CRM apps, such as Salesforce or Hybris or your proprietary support portals, with information about the environment of your customer’s computer, and automate actions accordingly.

Our two-factor authenticator app rewards your practices immediately upon their registration for your service. It doubles up as a free tool to report on the health of their practice, as a business and as a healthcare provider. It helps them know their own practice from the inside. How are they doing compared to the various national trends? How are they doing today in comparison to how they did yesterday? It is a simple gesture, but also personal and meaningful to them. Importantly for both of us, it builds their trust in the Sikka platform and in your app.

We are grateful to all the companies that have developed, and continue to develop, solutions on our platform. Without you and your success, we wouldn’t have ours. Thank you for placing your trust in us and building your apps with the Sikka One API.

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